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Is Mobile Commerce Driving The E-Commerce Industry In Pakistan?

Is Mobile Commerce Driving The E-Commerce Industry In Pakistan?

Information Technology played a critical role in the flourishing of the e-commerce sector. E-commerce is no longer a new concept in Pakistan. However, with such a huge chunk of the population in the country, the potential for growth in the eCommerce sector of Pakistan is extremely high. Each year, new players are entering the eCommerce sector and it has become a highly competitive stage. Unsurprisingly, there is a direct connection between the eCommerce industry and internet users. As the number of internet users is increasing in the country, eCommerce activities are increasing in it too.

What Is The Market Driver Of eCommerce In Pakistan?

As discussed above, internet penetration plays a crucial role in the increased activity of the eCommerce sector. It is seen that most citizens prefer to engage in different eCommerce activities through their mobile phones. Therefore, it is safe to say that mobile phones are actually the basic market driver of the eCommerce sector.

People prefer to use the mobile phone for engaging in eCommerce activities because it allows them to shop on the go. The eCommerce sector is all about convenience, the user gets to buy a product or service from the comfort of their hope, the eCommerce company uses logistic companies like Pakistan Post and TCS to deliver the product right at the doorstep. Mobile phones have further increased this convenience. In addition to that, the fixed-line infrastructure needs more development. However, smartphones are available at an inexpensive price and it acts as a bridge between the common people and digital connectivity. A global trend that is visible in the eCommerce sector is that more than half of the internet traffic shopping takes place from smartphones. In Pakistan, chances are extremely high that eCommerce customers will be interacting with different eCommerce activities through smartphones.

It has therefore become altogether more important to ensure that there is an app for the eCommerce website. Also, the website should be mobile responsive. A bad mobile experience will drive away the customers from the competitors and therefore, it is important to ensure a super smooth experience for the users when they want to shop online through mobile.

M-Commerce Is The New Trend 

Users prefer to engage in eCommerce activities through their mobile phones so much so that a new term mCommerce has evolved. M-Commerce refers to online shopping through a mobile phone. In Pakistan, the M-Commerce sector is booming like never before, thanks to the fact that it is easier for people to shop on their smartphones. M-Commerce has increased the convenience of the users to engage in eCommerce activities. Businesses that have a well-functioning website or an app for engaging in eCommerce activities have a competitive advantage over the other businesses.

M-Commerce has also become significant in Pakistan due to the young demographic population in the country. The young population are generally digital natives and have contributed significantly in the growth of the m-Commerce sector. In addition to that, financial services are extremely easy to access through smartphones and with increased acceptance of digital payment through smartphones, it is easier to engage in financial transactions in different eCommerce apps and websites.

The m-Commerce in Pakistan has been flourishing and is expected to further flourish in the near future. A paradigm change is visible in the ways in which millennials engage in the online shopping experience.

How To Further Grow Mobile Commerce In Pakistan?

Now that it is an accepted fact that mobile commerce in Pakistan is the next big thing in the eCommerce sector, the critical question is how to further grow mobile commerce in Pakistan? Firstly, investment should be done to increase the mobile internet coverage in Pakistan to ensure more digital connectivity. Also, the apps created on mobile phones should be made customer-centric. Personalization is extremely important in the current world for providing users with an enhanced shopping experience. The loading time of these websites should be faster to reduce the bounce rate.

Mobile commerce is the next big thing in Pakistan according to the trends of the last few years. Simply, having a digital presence is no longer the only condition to bloom its business in Pakistan. A mobile-responsive website and a mobile app will play a critical role in the growth of any business in Pakistan.

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