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Ambiguity pushes market down, index falls by 2%wow

Political uncertainty came to end on Tuesday and opposition submitted a no-confidence resolution against Prime Minister Imran Khan. The global uncertainty kept lingering as Russia-Ukraine tussle continued. As a result stock markets lost ground while metals/commodities prices were hit and oil scale 14-year high above $139 after the prospects of an embargo on Russian crude.

The benchmark KSE-100 Index declined by 898 points and also to close at 43.653.33. Trading activities decreased to average volume was 214m. The market capitalization decreased by Rs.209 billion and closed at Rs.7,450 T.

Monday:KSE-100 index 43,266.97 Change (-1284.38) Vol 237 m Mkt.Cap Rs.7,445 T.

Tuesday: KSE-100 index 42,878.35 Change (-388.62) Vol 226 m Mkt.Capt Rs.7,121 T.

Wednesday: KSE-100 index 43,042.96 Change (+164.61) Vol 184 m Mkt.Capt.Rs.7,383 T.

Thursday: KSE-100 index 43,853.62 Change (+810.66) Vol 272 m Mkt. Capt. Rs7.487 T.

Friday: KSE-100 index 43,653.33 Change (-200.29) Vol 149 m Mkt. Capt. Rs7,450 T.


Foreigners were net seller $3.13 m during the week; companies were buyers $5.45m, Banks were buyer $1.52m; Mutual fund net seller $7.08m individuals net buyer $0.04m and Insurance were seller $0.56m.

Volume leaders during the week were: TRG Pak Ltd 235m; HUMNL 140m, TPL Properties 84m, Treet Corp 62m; Unity Foods 58m; Maple Leaf 32m; Ghani Global 31m; Telecard 22m; WTL 18m; PakElectron 17m; TPLP 12m; GGL 8m and MLCF 6m.

Participants: Co 344; Gain 129; Loss 196 and Unchanged 17.


– The foreign exchange reserves of SBP declined further by $250 million to $16.212 billion during the week ended on March 4. The reserves of the commercial banks dipped $43m to $6.456 bn while the country’s overall reserves fell by$206m to $22.668bn during the week under review.

– SBP keeps policy rate unchanged at 9.75 per cent on Tuesday.

– The cut-off yields on the treasury bills (T-bills) were increased significantly by up to 130 basis points on Wednesday.

– The auto sector posted a robust performance in the first eight months of 8MFY22 led by a 57.5 per cent jumps in car sales, 82.2 per cent in trucks, 51.5 per cent in jeeps/pickups.

– Workers’ remittances in Feb did not disappoint the government as the inflow stood at around $2.2 bn showing a growth of two per cent month-on month.

– PM hopes for IMF leniency over PM’s subsidy package

– Exports of 11 sectors jump 35 pc in February.

– US consumer prices hit a new 40-year high last month as world’s largest economy continued to be battered by a surge of inflation which is a fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is expected to rise.

– Oil scales 14-year high above $139. Stocks fall amid talk of Russian crude ban.

– Dollar near all-time high against rupee. The rupee is under pressure for the last over a month due to high dollar demand. It rose to all time high of Rs.178.30 last December. It stood Rs.179.80 on Friday.

– The SPI for the week ended March 10, 2022 recorded an increase of 0.52 pc due to increase in food prices.

– Pakistan and US decided to relaunch the process of Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), Assistant US Trade Representative Christopher Wilson said on Monday.


Highlighting governance and federal-provincial coordination as key challenges, an influential group of international investors expects a better investment outlook for Pakistan than its regional peers over the five years.

Based on its perception and Investment Survey 2021 participated by 134 or 65 per cent of its total members OICCI said Pakistan had shown improvement since 2019 in its investment climate

Raees Uddin Khan,
Research & Development Institute of Securities Management Research & Training (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi.
Dated: Mar 12, 2022

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