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SnackVideo has Partnered with Spacebar for Advertising Opportunities in Pakistan

Spacebar has been named an Authorized Sales Partner for SnackVideo, a short-form video platform. This conclusion was reached after many rounds of pitching in early 2022.

SnackVideo’s commitment to expanding its commercial offering in Pakistan is strengthened by this news. Advertisers may now market their products and services to SnackVideo’s enormous user base.

The Head of Kuai International Commercial, Gavin Zheng, said:

“We are pleased that our collaboration with Spacebar has progressed to the level of an official partnership in Pakistan. As a first step, we want to significantly increase our global ad market share in the future.”

“SnackVideo’s Popularity has been increasing in Pakistan, and we are really pleased with our growing community,” said Syed Naeemuddin, Pakistan Country Manager. “Local advertisers will be able to use the innovative and competitive platform after partnering with a trustworthy advertising and sales partner in the market. Spacebar is a devoted team of experts, and we are excited to work with them to expand both of our businesses in Pakistan.”

SnackVideo has been gaining traction in Pakistan by providing a diverse range of content that appeals to people’s interests, including genuine and relevant stories, humorous parodies, crafty DIYs, music, hobbies, knowledge, drama, and much more. On the one hand, it allows creators to express themselves, but it also allows companies to communicate with a varied audience in real-time. Based on this promising start, the alliance has a lot of potential.

“SnackVideo is a wonderful platform that gives significant value for advertising in Pakistan due to its popularity among the public,” said Zameer Qureshi, CEO of Spacebar. “Brand-safe and brand-suitable content is driven across the app by storytelling and music, which are integrated into the local culture. We hope that with this collaboration, local marketers will be able to expand their enterprises by discovering new genres.”

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