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All are equal in rule of law: Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan presently urged the government of Pakistan firmly believed in the rule of law and stressed that law should be applied equally to the elite and ordinary citizens. PM was talking to a delegation of Insaf Lawyers Forum (ILF) that called on him. During the meeting, issues pertaining to the ILF were discussed. Also Prime Minister Imran Khan, highlighting the significance of increased forestation and conservation of ecosystem in tackling the problems of climate change, said the nation to play its role in protecting Pakistan’s environment for future generations. Furthermore he said, as Pakistan, despite contributing less than 1.0 percent in the world carbon emissions, is unluckily among the 10 most vulnerable states, it is very significant for Pakistanis to think as a nation and protect our future generations. PM also expressed these views while speaking at a contract signing ceremony held between the Ministry of Climate Change and the World Bank for the launch of “Green Stimulus — Turning Concept into Reality”. Under the contract, the World Bank is offering funds of Rs 22 billion for 14 green initiatives in Pakistan. PM Imran Khan noted that the present government of Pakistan’s various initiatives, counting the 10 billion tree tsunami, 15 national parks, digital cadastral mapping to protect the existing forests, etc for tackling the negative effects of climate change like rising temperatures and pollution. Prime Minister said with melting glaciers, rising temperatures and less rains in both urban and rural areas, the country was taking measures to tackle the problems by nature-based solutions. Imran Khan stressed that we have to protect our existing forests, boost our tree plantation campaigns to improve the forest cover and develop more national parks.

PM also said besides hiring people, technology like drones would also be used for the surveillance and protection of 15 national parks proclaimed by the government of Pakistan in various parts of Pakistan. It would not only assist protect the forests and wildlife but also create career opportunities for the local people. Imran Khan, stressing on the need for protecting green areas in and around urban areas, said even the Margalla National Park was being encroached.

Imran Khan said besides canals, rivers and water streams and channels, air was also being polluted in the cities like Lahore, which was threatening the lives of people, mainly the elderly and children.

He, however, added that with the ring-fencing of cities, the government of Pakistan was working on the master plans of big cities to protect green areas and check encroachment. Similarly, Imran Khan said, mangroves cover along the coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan was being enhanced and protected, which would assist recharge ground water and protect wildlife. Imran Khan appreciated the Ministry of Climate Change and the World Bank for the launch of “Green Stimulus” initiative. Statistics showed that the Green Stimulus was being initiated by the World Bank’s support of Rs22 billion, which would generate 135,000 career opportunities in the next 9-month across all the provinces. Furthermore, its thematic areas would include forestry, protected areas, clean green cities and electric mobility. The SAPM further mentioned Pakistan’s approach to addressing both the Covid-19 and climate crises through creating opportunities in the challenging situations, mainly for the most vulnerable communities. Meanwhile, Prime Minister also directed for early completion of all ongoing development projects in Balochistan to offer relief to the common man. Imran Khan was talking to Balochistan Governor Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha, who called on him. Matters relating to development of the province, mainly northern Balochistan, were discussed in the meeting. Sources recorded that matters relating to the development of semi-conductor and high-tech industries in cooperation with tech universities were discussed in the meeting. Imran Khan directed to take all possible initiatives for the development of these industries so as to create maximum job opportunities for youth equipped with the knowledge of technology.

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