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New developments in Pakistan auto sector

New developments in Pakistan auto sector
Al-Hajj to launch proton variants

Malaysian auto giant Proton, which has collaborated with Al-Haj Automobile, the assembler of FAW automobiles in Pakistan, will be launching its SUV crossover X70 soon along with a sedan named Saga. The company has confirmed that it will initially launch two vehicles and will offer variants in CBU condition. Proton has received a green-field status under the Auto Development Policy 2016-21. Under the status, new companies like Proton, Kia, Hyundai, and Changan etc. will be paying less duties compared to firms already operating in Pakistan like Toyota, Honda and Suzuki.

Chinese passenger car to be launched in Pakistan

Chinese passenger car ‘Chery’ is being brought to Pakistan by the Lahore based company, United Auto Industries. They are the manufacturer of United Bravo car and United Motorcycle Company. United Motorcycle has also been stated as Pakistan’s No.1 national brand. The variants is a 1000cc passenger car expected to be available in both manual and automatic drive. The car will be available in CBU condition and then locally assembled. This is not the first time Chery is being introduced in Pakistan. The first generation Chery QQ was introduced back in 2003. Chery goes to be the fourth Chinese car that is getting to be introduced within the Pakistani market. The first one being FAW V2, then United Bravo were introduced and then Price Pearl.

KIA Motors unveils new logo

The automotive industry is experiencing a period of rapid transformation, and Kia is proactively shaping and adapting to those changes. Their new logo represents their desire to inspire customers as their mobility needs evolve, and for their employees to rise to the challenges they face in a fast-changing industry.

First Changan Alsvin sedan car

Changan Alsvin is a sedan car; it is the primary Chinese sedan, which will be delivered to Pakistan in CKD form. Usually, all new vehicles are brought in CBU form and sold in limited units before they are brought in CKD form. This also means Pakistani motor enthusiasts are going to get a vehicle that hasn’t been driven before by buyers. Moreover, the spare parts of the cars are going to be available easily within the market. The Chinese company will operate in partnership with Master Company. Master company is based in Pakistan, which has established a $100 million plant in Karachi at port Qasim Area. Master company plant has the capacity to produce 30,000 units in a year. The company has over seventeen dealerships in Pakistan.

Electric vehicles manufacturing/assembly plants

The E-Vehicle technology is getting popular around the globe at an accelerated pace as electric vehicles are much more simple as compared to the existing vehicles as regards electrical/mechanical parts, maintenance, environment friendly and do not require fuel/lubricants thus economical on operational cost. Besides, they will be saving foreign exchange on account of fuel import for the country. Indeed, market appeal for electric vehicles is increasing immensely. Wah Nobel Group of Companies, a multinational concern, established in 1962 is a venture between Pakistan Ordnance Factories through Wah Industries Ltd, SAAB AB, Sweden and Almisehal Company, Saudi Arabia, has inked Memorandum of Understanding with an over 100 years old company, Sheikh Zia-ul-Haq & Sons (Pvt) Ltd, for setting up of a first of its kind electric vehicles and electric batteries manufacturing/assembly plant at Karachi (buses, coasters and coaches). It will be a landmark event and would act as a catalyst of change within the realm of road transportation system in the country.

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