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King of Crops: China’s Gigantic Agricultural Production


[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]by Katharina Buchholz[/box]

Despite progressing towards a service society in gigantic steps, China remains a major agricultural producer, especially when it comes to field crops and fruit. In the 2020/21 harvest season, the United States Department of Agriculture projects that 37 percent of peanuts and 29 percent of the world’s rice will be harvested in China, as well as 23 percent of cotton, 22 percent of corn and 18 percent of wheat.

This makes China the biggest peanut, rice and wheat producer in the world and the second-biggest producer of corn behind the United States and of cotton behind India.

China is also producing almost three quarters of the world’s grapefruits, pears and tangerines in addition to growing 69 percent of the global supply of peaches and nectarines, 54 percent of all apples and 46 percent of all table grapes.

China’s soy production makes up only 5 percent of the world’s total as the U.S., Brazil and Argentina are much bigger producers.

The country also produces the second-most rapeseeds in the world (19 percent) behind Canada. In addition, China produces 47 percent of the world’s walnuts.



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