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Digitized Pakistan — emergence of start-up culture

Digitized Pakistan - emergence of start-up culture

There has been a sudden upsurge in the start-up culture in Pakistan in recent years, many new ideas have been born to the millennial entrepreneurs and they have been targeted to solve issues and problems that are happening or are part of our modern society. For instance: Patari, is a revolution in the music world brings in quality songs from all across and has become the local hub for music lovers, Seghalmotors is one of the futuristic start-ups of Pakistan as one of the largest online vehicle accessories platforms in the country. Another innovative one is the Battery Lala; this startup made to the Idea CroronKa as well and won the funding too. It provides almost every type of battery. You can think of it as Uber for batteries, so whenever you need one, place an order and you will get the battery professionally and free installed at the earliest.

Another unique one is Dawaai it is a revolutionary online pharmacy from where you can purchase any sort of medication you want. You can purchase the medicine online and get it delivered at your doorstep. For the medicines that aren’t off-the-shelf, you will have to provide the prescription or get one. You can also book lab tests and get the results on your email. Women oriented start-up Ghar Par is unconventional by all means. It is a distinctive platform which runs on the idea that women can get the professional beauty services from the comfort of their home. Another brilliant initiative is Edkasa, which has taken the trend of E-education from all across the world and provided it to the Pakistani students as well. Edkasa provides free learning videos for on the STEM and language-based subjects for Matric and FSc students. They have over 400+ videos and have both free and paid education plans. I this period of pandemic and uncertainty when going to doctor and hospitals is not possible, this application SehatKahani provides affordable and easy healthcare services to all. It has female medical professionals who can guide you on any problem you are facing through telemedicine. It keeps you completely in charge of your medical diary where you can book an appointment for yourself anytime throughout the day and get matched to an expert.

ReliveNow is playing a vital role during COVID-19 when there is a lot of stress and paranoia surrounding everything, also being home, in a lockdown kind of situation 24/7 it is helping people at the comfort of their home and breaking the taboo concerning mental health and provides easy access to therapy. Considering how big of a problem therapy and counselling is in Pakistan, ReliveNow provides anonymous and affordable online service to all. Another one that is our environment warrior is TrashIt is the startup which aims to transform the way waste is reduced in Pakistan to improve the environment and to make the process eco-friendly. They collect organic waste and make nutrient-rich compost and sell it to retailers, farmers, and gardeners.



The products help everyone reach a sustainable lifestyle by promoting eco-friendliness. The startup has also won national and international awards including She Loves Tech Pakistan.

Wonder Tree: A special education start-up of especially abled children (children with mental illness and physical disabilities) that uses Microsoft’s Kinect technology and augmented reality to design games that help. To address our everyday need and the idea that prevents us from going out every day to get fresh vegetables and fruits SABZI.PK is a delivery startup aiming to deliver fresh produce (fruits and veggies) to the household and commercial consumers, incubated at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship. The deal valued at USD 7.5 Million, which was being called as the highest value ever attained by an LCE alumnus for seed round funding.

All these start-ups and the idea they are working on are guarantees that Pakistan is headed on the right path, it is on the correct path of information technology development and digitization, and it is on the horizon of a digital revolution which dawn into a new era of economic and social development. There are also some start-up giants can be recognized as,, Finja, Car first, Airlift, Golootlo etc. are the start-ups that have created a huge foot-print and they have received funding in huge numbers and are now thriving on their businesses.

Talking about the above Successful Pakistani Startups that made to the headline did well for themselves and we believe that will continue to thrive in 2020. Pakistan is becoming the next hub of startups which is a good step towards the betterment of our economy. A lot of successful Pakistani startups made to the headlines in 2019 as well but very few of them have been able to succeed because the major key for the success of any startup is not the idea but the execution and revenue.

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