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The inheritors of technology and the time of success

The inheritors of technology and the time of success

It is staggering to see infants or toddlers to be precise using cell phones in more or less in every family globally. Parents are at times flabbergasted observing their kids using technology far better than them. Rather, parents seek knowledge from their kids regarding the use of information technology. Teenagers teach the use of technology to their parents almost everywhere. One may be astonished to see how these kids have learned and from where have they learned all this prevailing globally. Well, it is simply the exposure and the ever-changing trends being demonstrated by the forms of media and other technology means, which are rapidly adopted by the youngsters. They are the inheritors of technology. Two terms are being widely used these days when it comes to technology: inheritors (kids), migrators (parents or the older people). The kids of today have inherited the technology by default. The millennial generation inherited and are accustomed to the use of technology in every walk of their lives vis-à-vis their parents. The internet generation cannot function rather can’t live a single day without technological gadgets since they depend on the device for everything right from communication to liaison to perform even very trivial tasks. Technology is the second name of their meal since they can’t survive without it.

Infusing technology into the current education system is the need of the hour. There are hundreds of educational institutions even today where traditional methods of learning are being adopted and the kids are being trained on the outdated methods used by our grandparents. These kids won’t be able to catch up with the rest of the world once they grow up since they are oblivious to the changing trends of working environments across the world. On the contrary, there is an ample number of educational institutions across Pakistan where the use of the technology is the first choice of the teacher and the learner. These first-rate institutions are producing the professionals for tomorrow. It is at times incredible to listen to a kid of class/grade one talking about a project assigned to him/her for which he/she needs to google the material and choose the right stuff for the project since the teachers do grade the projects on the basis of the quality research. These kids/the inheritors of technology compel their parents/migrators to help them complete their projects with the use of technology. Based on this one can deem the migrators of technology as the teachers of the inheritors of technology.


There is no denying the fact that the current century is the age of information technology. So we have to adapt to the technological use whether we like it or not. Plenty of technological innovations are being used in the education sector worldwide for the new forms of learning. There are myriads of schools which encourage kids to use the latest gadgets and computing devices to facilitate the learning processes. By using these gadgets, one could get world-class education in any part of the world since the knowledge is being shared by almost all institutions on internet globally which eventually facilitates learning in every nook and corner of the world.

Distant learning could not make its way hitherto, however, it is now being used at full throttle in almost every part of the world on mass scale. There is no need to travel to foreign countries and incur monumental expenses of travel and loss of time. The knowledge has been made public for all and sundry to make the most of it. Distant learning programs are fast catching up with credibility even by those who are living in far-flung areas.

We have heard a lot about entrepreneurship and various governments across the world have been facilitating their inhabitants to adopt entrepreneurship as a tool for long-lasting success and to boost the economic growth by generating products/services and employment for millions. One must know that information technology has facilitated or compelled individuals to adopt entrepreneurship. It would be right to say that the next decade could be called the decade of entrepreneurship since millions of millennials worldwide would resort to entrepreneurship as a tool to success. The tech firms are already facilitating the process of entrepreneurship among the youth which would lead to economic prosperity and better performance.

It was a significant day when Google launched its initiative called ‘the next billion users’ targeting the next one billion technology consumers. Smartphones are widespread to access information so the users of hand-held devices have become more knowledgeable vis-à-vis the people living some decades ago who had to make untiring endeavors to visit libraries to access information. Now, everyone has his/her own library in his/her palm.

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