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Tanzania Allows Chinese Companies to Build the Gold Processing Plant

Tanzania Allows Chinese Companies to Build the Gold Processing Plant

Tanzania is the fourth largest gold producer in Africa and has licensed Chinese companies to build the mineral processing plant and two gold processing plants, these plants including ore crushing machine, ball mill, and flotation machines.

According to Minerals Minister Doto Biteko, 37 Chinese companies expressed interest after the government invited mining companies and mining equipment suppliers to bid.

“After a careful assessment of the financial capabilities and development background of these companies, we have issued a license to build a mineral smelter and two gold refineries,” Biteko said.

“We will also soon issue special mining licenses to the two companies to build large mines with a personal investment of more than 0 million.”

The government said that since March, 28 mineral trading centers have been established to improve the income of small-scale miners.

“Since March, the new Minerals Center has traded a total of 136.7 billion Tanzanian shillings (US million) in gold, and the government has collected 7.7 billion shillings (.3 million) in royalties and customs clearance fees. Biteko said.



Tanzania is the fourth African gold producer after South Africa, Ghana and Mali. According to a parliamentary report, small miners in Tanzania produce about 20 tons of gold a year, but 90% are illegally exported.

Gold exports are the country’s main source of foreign exchange. The data shows that Tanzania exported .549 billion worth of precious metals last year, up from .541 billion in 2017.

Tanzania’s mining revenue in 2017-2018 is approximately 301 billion shillings (0 million). In 2018-2019, this figure rose to 310 billion shillings (4 million). The Tanzanian government’s goal is to generate 470 billion shillings (4 million) in mining revenues between 2019 and 2020.

Robert Gabriel, regional commissioner (RC) of Tanzania, said that the gold refinery can increase the purity of precious metals to around 99.99%. After screening 30 companies applying for this opportunity, Geita Gold Refinery Ltd. was approved to refine gold in the Dodoma and Geita regions.

China & Tanzania have a brotherly traditional friendship and are deeply rooted in the hearts of the two peoples. The two countries are called all-weather friends. In order to consolidate traditional friendship, China & Tanzania plan future cooperation and promote common development. I believe that China & Tanzania will inject new impetus and vitality into the development of friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries.

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