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As part of its 225th anniversary Hashmi unveils its modernized branding


Hashmipic1We live in the age of modern retail trends and demanding customer tendencies. Industries across the globe, including the personal and healthcare space, are being shaped by novel trends. The Global Wellness Economy Monitor has reported that the global wellness industry is now worth US$4.2 trillion. In such a growing environment where innovation and change are mandatory, Hashmi business group – Pakistan’s oldest and one of the most trusted companies in eye care, health care and personal (beauty) care product has introduced its new corporate logo that is depicting its 225-year legacy of excellence. A novel corporate identity will be initially appeared on the dynamic new packaging of ‘Hashmi Kajal’, one of the most successful products in the company’s makeup roaster.

This is a unique opportunity and the right momentum in the market to make all the necessary changes and connect with a new generation of customers. Consumers are becoming very demanding and looking for premium quality in every aspect of their life. Hashmi is now living in the age of digital realities where people are discovering and consuming new content on a daily basis and they are accustomed to modern branding practices. Therefore, they felt obliged to use the opportunity and create an even better experience for their existing customers, make their brand more appealing to wider audiences, and show that they can compete even in thriving markets.

HK introduced the digital front for end-users to shop Hashmi products at ‘‘.
Kajal is a product line that can be found in almost every household as an integral part of every woman’s life. It is a groundbreaking natural formula that has been taking over the market for decades and its success cannot be denied. As one of the favorite products of Hashmi’s customers, they wanted to take it to the next level and use its success to launch their new branding on a massive scale. Furthermore, it is also a way for them to reward their most loyal customers by improving their experience and making something they already like even better. Kajal is set to become the leading product on the market as its new branding is truly astonishing. They had the opportunity to work with Benchmark Agency on this project and their talented team created something incredible and turned their vision into reality.

Since its inception, Hashmi Group has been recognized for the superior quality, customers trust and product novelty that pushed the boundaries in Pakistan and other regional markets. Now, as part of its 225-year legacy of excellence, the renewed company is modernizing its premium brand, investing new resources in innovation and development, and creating products that will provide premium and world-class value to its customers. “Hashmi” believes in promoting & maintaining a healthy culture all across the world by manufacturing products that have healing effects.”

Hashmi Group Established by the renowned innovator and healer in the end of 17th century, Hakim Mohammad Hashim in India as an aspiring health care brand that serves the humanity and offers inventive medicinal products, following its early success and the superiority of the products, the company rapidly gained momentum and started advancing its offering and transforming its uniqueness. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founder was passed down from generation to generation and the company was soon a recognized leader in the eye care category on a global level. Making product improvements is a regular objective at Hashmi. They are always listening to their customers and making changes based on their experiences and expectations, including all the tests and research activities that are being conducted within relevant departments. Their research and development team is committed to first-class quality and making Hashmi products as best as possible. Hashmi group is eager to make life better for their customers and they wanted their branding to reflect all the great values that their company is built upon.

Since markets are accelerating at the exponential rate, it is almost impossible to predict where the market will be in the long run but it is clear that companies engage in improving and delivering tremendous value to their customers will lead the pack. Taking into consideration all the recent developments, saying that companies might be serving customers on Mars or having their products delivered by flying robots would not be an unrealistic statement. They will keep developing new products, utilizing new technologies and listening to the market. Wherever this takes them, they are confident that their customers will be pleased because their satisfaction is their priority.


Hashmi’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction should clearly reflect the fact that their company is always testing new ideas and working on innovative product concepts.

We hope this will be the side effect of their latest branding efforts, but they are sure that their products will thrive anyways. While Kajal is introducing their new branding to the market, they are working on creating a brand new image for their entire product roaster. Each of their products is loved by their customers and recognized for premium quality so all of them deserve to shine under the spotlight of the industry. This not just the new branding for Kajal – this is the beginning of a new and better era for their company and customers in general.



This initiative is focused on creating state-of-the-art branding for Hashmi’s customers and delivering their value to the new generation of consumers. Hashmi is one of the leading brands on the market so they are not concerned about the competition. As long as they can create great products, improve their offering when needed and satisfy the needs of their customers, they are sure that their company will grow and generate more resources that they can invest in research, development, and promotion. Hashmi is set to become a global leader and they are very proud of their innovative team that made all of that possible.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]For the past 225 years, Hashmi Group has been dedicatedly providing nature-based solutions for a healthy lifestyle to its customers. Mostly recognized by the name “Hashmi Surma”, one of the company’s best sellers in its class of Kohls (name derived from the Arabic language), Hashmi Group now exports its first-class products to more than 50 countries and has won numerous business, governmental and other awards and recognitions, such as five consecutive FPCCI export trophies. In order to learn more about the Hashmi Group and our 225-years-long tradition of excellence, please visit our website: [/box]

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