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Digital Pakistan – an ambitious goal?

Digital Pakistan – an ambitious goal?

The world is changing day by day, opening doors for the new ideas and innovations. One of the hottest topics that we come across nowadays is Digital Transformation. It is the amalgamation of digital technology into day to day activities of our lives, also known as internet of things. It is continuously transforming our lives and reforming the way how things were done, hence creating more value for the people.

However, the true potential of digital technologies is not being leveraged across the countries uniformly. South Asian region lies on the lower end of global connectivity spectrum. If this region successfully develops their digital economy, the multiplier effect would be tremendous, leading to significant improvement in the lives of all the citizens.

As a developing country in the process of digitalization, there are both drivers and bottlenecks on the path to the creation of a digital Pakistan. Currently, as per the ICT development index 2017 which ranks 176 countries on digital connectivity indicators, Pakistan is ranked at 148. While digital transformation is rapidly moving from theory into practice, there is much work to be done.

Pakistan is on the cusp of a digitization drive. Rarely has a new technological approach held so much promise and potential. Pakistan has seen great improvement in IT/Telecom infrastructure and connectivity, e-commerce, e-governance and services delivery, digital finance, education and agriculture sectors that has exerted a beneficial socio-economic impact.

To understand the current state and future of digitization in Pakistan, it is important to examine the SWOT analysis for its digital transformation.



Way forward

Government of Pakistan is truly committed to make this vision a reality though achieving this ambitious goal needs proactive engagement that can drive truly transformative change in Pakistan. The emergence of a digitally empowered population and economy, however, hinges on the effective integration of digital services, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit.In this time and age, focusing on digital literacy, e-education and digital entrepreneurship will not only reduce inequalities, create jobs and boost the economy but will also give Pakistan a fair chance to compete with other regional economies.

[box type=”note” align=”” class=”” width=””]The writer is a Research Associate — Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI)[/box]

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