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Trump Heavily Outspends Democrats on Digital Ads


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President Trump’s 2020 campaign for reelection spent over $4.5 million on Facebook and Google digital advertising alone in the first three months of 2019, according to data from Bulley Pulpit Interactive. Combing the digital advertising spending of the 15 Democratic candidates currently in the race does not come close to what Trump’s reelection campaign has already poured into Facebook and Google.

Between President Trump campaigning for reelection for the entirety of his presidency to the enormous amount he has already spent, his campaign’s digital strategy and timeline is unprecedented. Most Democratic primary candidates have announced their bid within the past three months, giving them less time to build up capital and then spend it on ads. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris both have spent around a half a million dollars on Facebook and Google right from the start.

Overall, Facebook continues to be an essential part of campaign spending. All candidates are spending about 3 times more on Facebook ads than on Google ads, with the Trump campaign spending about 3.5 times more on Facebook than Google. A majority of people get their news through the social networking site, making it a vital way to reach potential supporters and voters.



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