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The Best and Worst Car Brands of 2019


[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]by Katharina Buchholz

In this year’s Consumer Reports car survey, Subaru was named the brand with the highest overall score, coming in at 81 of 100 points. The Japanese car maker was also the only manufacturer to score in the top 5 that isn’t a luxury brand. Consumer Reports, which is run by the American Consumers Union, publishes the in-depth report on new cars every year, considering road test scores, a survey of satisfaction and reliability among almost 34,000 owners as well as crash test and safety scores.

Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury brand, came in second with a score of 80/100, followed by Porsche scoring 79/100. Hyundai’s regular brand came in on rank 10.

The car brands that scored most poorly overall this year were Fiat and Jaguar with only 44 out of 100 points each. Some of Fiat’s problems came about because of problems with the Fiat Chrysler infotainment system as well as with one of the company’s automatic transmissions, which also lowered the scores of brands Chrysler and Dodge. Other car makers struggling according to the survey were Land Rover (48/100) and Mitsubishi (49/100).



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