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Alternative energy projects under review

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]resently, Pakistan’s electricity generation is recorded at 23,234MW and shortfall almost 4,000MW mainly due to growing population size. To overcome the energy crisis the present Government of Pakistan has been making all attempts to grow the energy supply with strategic vision of the energy sector to meet the country’s electricity demands in a proper manner. Experts have calculated that the power projects under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be helpful to remove the energy crisis by 2018 as $35 billion is expected to spend in this sector.

Furthermore, the government has mandated AEDB (Alternative Energy Development Board) to act as a central agency for development and promotion of ARE (Alternative & Renewable Energy) technologies in Pakistan and to facilitate the private sector investment in this sector. The Ministry of Finance has mentioned in the present economic report that the current and expected status of Renewable Energy power generation projects are as under:


The government officials mentioned that 28 wind power projects having a cumulative capacity of 1397.6MW are at different phases of development/operation. Last year, 5 wind power projects by Yunus Energy Ltd (50MW), Metro Power Company Ltd (50MW), Tapal Wind Energy Private Ltd (30MW), Master Wind Energy Private Ltd (528MW) and Gul Wind Energy Ltd (50MW) are placed at Jhimpir while Tenaga Generasi Ltd (49.5MW) is also placed at Gharo. Till now, 12 wind power projects of 590.5MW cumulative capacity have attained commercial operation and are supplying electricity to national grid.

Total 8 projects with a cumulative capacity of 445MW have attained financial close and are under construction and estimated to be completed next year. These are Hydro China Dawood Power Private Ltd (49.5MW, Sachal Energy Development Private Ltd (49.5MW), United Energy Pakistan Private Ltd (99MW), Jhimpir Wind Power Limited (49.6MW), Hawa Energy Pvt Limited (50MW), Hartford Alternative Energy Private Limited (49.3MW), Three Gorges Second Wind Farm Private Ltd (49.5MW), Three Gorges Third Wind Farm Private Ltd (49.5MW). Further, 4 wind power projects with a cumulative capacity of 197.1MW are likely to attain Letter of Support (LoS) for financial approval this year.



In the present report the government officials also mentioned that in order to tap the potential of energy generation from the sugar mills in the country, the government on recommendation of AEDB proclaimed the framework for Power Co-Generation 2013 (Baggase/Biomass) during 2013. Total 24 firms/sugar mills of 817.5MW cumulative capacity have been issued LoI (Letter of Intent) from AEDB and are at different phases of project development and expected to be completed next fiscal year.


The Finance Ministry also stated that total 4 solar projects (100MW each) named Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Bahawalpur with different IPPs with cumulative capacity of 400MW are operational. Out of 4, 3 were completed in August last year. Total 7 IPPs with a cumulative capacity of 72.52MW have obtained LoS (Letter of Support) from AEDB and are in the process of attaining financial ending of their projects while 17 solar power projects of 484 mw cumulative capacity have obtained LOI (Letter of Intent) from AEDB and are at different phases of project development and will also be completed next fiscal year.


The present of Government of Pakistan is trying to attract the foreign companies to undertake new exploration and production activities. It is said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) initiative would also become a source of coordination for developing power related projects by indigenous power resources like hydro, coal and renewable sources in Pakistan.

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