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NBP takes supremacy in CSR, sports and academic activities

NBP posts 12.1pc growth in 6 months with increase in Islamic Financing

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a leading financial institution in the country, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has taken numerous but remarkable initiatives that demonstrate its resolve towards the community at large whereas fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part its corporate policy. The Bank taking CSR, an essential and necessary mission running this full-fledged scheme to bring position changes in society by improving life quality of underprivileged ones and in addition to its demarcated and predefined areas of education, health, special persons, women & child, the Bank is always there for the relief of effected people in case of any natural disaster or calamity. During the year, National Bank of Pakistan has spent around Rs53 million on CSR activities.

The Bank believes that looking after under privileged communities is synonymous to serving the nation. NBP has a well-funded Corporate Social Responsibility program focusing on education, health care, infrastructure, development, water resource development and enhancing livelihood generation skills. To ensure progress, quality of work and transparency in utilization of funds under CSR schemes, NBP regularly monitors project activities. The Bank has initiated a wide range of projects, including health care provision of free primary health care provision of free primary health care, hospitals, mobile dispensaries, scholarship for local students, infrastructure development and upgradation of academic institutions.


Education plays a vital role in economic development and poverty alleviation in the society and country and keeping this objective in mind, the Bank is performing its social duty to uplift the educational standards in the country by financially supporting various educational institutions on a yearly basis assisting those in carrying out imparting education and other skills to financially constraint students.

Scholarship and adoption carried out by NBP during 2016 includes:

1. Professional Education Foundation, Karachi.
2. Sargodhian Spirit Trust.
3. IBA-Sukkur.
4. WISE College, Lahore.
5. Namal College, Mianwali.
6. Sindh Madrassatul Islam University, Karachi.
7. TCF, Nowshera KPK-One year expense for entire class.
8. High School Tehsil Pazza, Balochistan.


1. Development & Research at Habib University Foundation, Karachi.
2. Motivational Volunteer Empowerment Program, Lahore by Family Educational Services Foundation.
3. 88 Orphan houses for students at Roshni Homes Trust, Lahore.
4. Celebration of 7th National Book Day.
5. Workshop for the young minds at LUMS, Lahore.
6. Sponsoring workshop, ‘Hope Model United Nation’.


Realizing the importance of participating in the betterment of health standards, NBP has entered into a partnership with various NGOs and Institutions, and arrange various medical, eye and fistula camps in remote areas all across Pakistan. NBP also helps in upgrading the infrastructure by providing financial and in-kind support to many hospitals and organization by providing medical equipment.

1. A 3-day medical camp in Pishin, Balochistan.
2. Adopted a female patient ward in Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre, Karachi.
3. Al-Madad Welfare Society to purchase medicines at Saman Goth, Karachi.
4. Free distribution of meal for the poor in Khana-Ghar (food house).
5. Dialysis of underprivileged kidney patients, Pak Kidney Institute, Islamabad.
6. Distribution of Ramazan food package packets in Lyari, Karachi.
7. Donated health care equipment to Ghulab Devi Chest Hospital, Lahore.
8. Donated medical equipment to Al Mustafa Trust Medical Centre, Lahore.
9. Financial support for patients at Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation, Karachi.
10. Financial support to Fatimid Foundation Kidney Centre, Quetta.
11. Financial support to ‘Struggle Against Disability’ International Association, Murree.
12. Infrastructure support to The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.
13. Installation of water hand pumps in remote areas of Sindh and Punjab.
14. Installation of water purification plant at Koshki Village, Ziarat.
15. Medical camp at Firdous Colony, Karachi.
16. Supply of food to 10 deserving patients for 11 months at Koohi Goth Hospital, Tharparkar.
17. Supply of Infusion pumps for NICVD, Karachi.
18. Supply of wheelchairs & stretchers to Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences, Azad Kashmir.



For many years, the organizations that represent people with disabilities have regarded Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability as suitable and appropriate arenas to spread awareness of disability. NBP rose to the occasion to provide independent opportunities, confidence and fitness to handicapped, which encourages them to take part and become active members of the society.

Infrastructure & Equipment support extended for:

1. Children program by Special Children School (PNAD), Mauripur, Karachi.
2. Deaf Reach School by FESF, Karachi.
3. Five children adopted at Ida Rieu Welfare Association for Blind, Karachi.
4. Pakistan Association of the Blind, Karachi.
5. Department of Special Education Government College of Home Economics, Lahore.

Wheelchair, Tricycle and White Cane:

1. Pakistan Disable Foundation, Karachi.
2. Tricycle to Karachi Independent Living Centre.
3. MACH Development Foundation, Ghotki.
4. Disabled Welfare Association, Khairpur.
5. Association for the Rehabilitation of Physically Disabled.

Sports activity for Special Persons:

1. 7th NBP Wheelchair Cricket Tournament, Islamabad.
2. T20 Blind Cricket Tournament in Bahawalpur and Quetta.
3. Punjab Disabled People Powerlifting Championship, Lahore.


We believe empowerment of women in developing countries is essential to reduce poverty. Economic inclusion of women can play an important role in social and economic well-being of the society. Many women and infants in remote small towns and villages face difficult economic conditions. NBP extends them a helping hand for respectable living and social uplift. NBP has taken various initiatives like organizing vocational training, women sports events and supply of equipments.

Women vocational program: Vocational training sessions were organized in Abbottabad, Shukkar, Sheikhupura, Gilgit-Baltistan, Multan, Quetta and Skardu, where each training session was for two weeks enrolling 25 women participants. Participants were imparted with training on stitching, sewing, embroidery etc. Upon completion of training, all the participants were given embroidery and sewing machines for a regular income stream.

Sports Events arranged:

1. Sepak Takra Team Participating 31st King’s Cup World Championship.
2. Sponsored Fund Raising Fashion Show in Islamabad by Pink Ribbon.

Event sponsored include:

1. Supporting 10 orphanage students at Minerva Education System, Karachi.
2. Meena Bazar by Behbud Association of Pakistan, Islamabad.
3. British Women Association Charity Bazar, Karachi.
4. Hired a 14-year-old female chess player on stipend who participated in the National Chess Championship.
5. Women & Child Medical Camp in Lemo Goth, Karachi.


NBP is playing a commendable vital role in establishing and promoting the national and regional cultural norms. We supported and sponsored various events like:

1. Conference on ‘Safety of Journalists and Combating Impunity’, Karachi.
2. KONPAL Child Abuse Prevention Society Charity Drama, Karachi.
3. Renovation of National Police Bureau Library, Islamabad.
4. Theatre at Jamshad Memorial Hall, Karachi.
5. Theatrical Play by Make Believe Production, Karachi.
6. International Anticorruption Day Seminar & Awareness Walk by NAB, Sukkur.
7. Human Rights Society of Pakistan (HRSP) ‘Life Time Award’.
8. Louis Braille Talent Award Organization by ‘Special Children Monthly’.
9. Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup Cycle Race, Karachi.
10. Traffic Rules Awareness Walk in collaboration with Sindh traffic police.
11. Seminar & lectures on anti-smoking and addiction.
12. Sponsored a Pakistani movie named Salute. It’s a story of a child named Aitezaz Hassan, who sacrificed his own life to save the children of his school in a terrorist attack.



1. Junior hockey team becomes winner of National Hockey Championship-2016.
2. Senior hockey team came as runner-up of National Hockey Championship-2016.
3. Senior hockey team becomes winner of the Chief of the Naval Staff Hockey Tournament-2016.
4. Senior hockey team came third during 9-a-Side Hockey Tournament-2016.


1. Runner-up in PFF Football Cup, Lahore-2016.


1. Won World Chess Master Award at World Chess Olympiad, Azerbaijan, 2016.


1. Won NBP Ranking Snooker Championship-2016. Beside that our players (Asif, Asjad, Sajjad, Hamza) secured 1st and 2nd positions in many other ranking tournaments in the year-2016.


1. Won Ladies single & doubles event International Badminton Tournament, Islamabad-2016
2. Men single & doubles event International Badminton Tournament, Islamabad.
3. NBP’s men team, team event runner-up at National Badminton Championship-2016.
4. NBP women team, team event runner-up at National Badminton Championship-2016.
5. Won National Badminton Championship-2016.

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